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Harold Haskew& Associates, Inc.

Milford, Michigan

Harold's CV (Curriculum Vitae)

Harold M. Haskew, P.E.
President, Harold Haskew and Associates, Inc.
3760 Old Plank Road
Milford, MI 48381
248 684-3410 Voice, 248 684-9549 FAX                                                                                                                                                

      -BME 1961, General Motors Institute, Flint, MI (1956-1960)

Professional Career
      -Sept 1956 to October 1998 – General Motors Corp – Various engineering assignments that eventually lead to regulatory issues and programs. A normal retirement after 42 years on 10/1/98
      -October, 1998 to Present, Harold Haskew and Associates, Inc. (Fuel Emissions Consulting)

Briggs & Stratton Corporation
California Air Resources Board
Coordinating Research Council (CRC)
MeadWestvaco Corporation
National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA)
Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA)

Professional Accomplishments
      -Chairman – AAMA Evap Panel (1988-1998) (Industry’s spokesman for evap and
ORVR issues)
      -13 SAE Technical Papers
      -10 CRC Technical Reports
      -6 Time winner of SAE’s Outstanding Speaker Award
      -2 Time winner of SAE’s Teetor Award – SAE Industrial Lecturer
      -4 USA Patents

      -Registered Professional Engineer, Michigan
      -Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), 50 year member

Publications Authored by Harold Haskew

Coordinating Research Council (CRC) Technical Papers
Evaporative Emissions
      -“Diurnal Emissions from In-Use Vehicles” (CRC Project E-9, August 1998)
      -“Running Loss Emissions from In-Use Vehicles” (CRC Project E-35-2, February 1999)
      -“Fuel Permeation from Automotive Systems” (CRC Project E-65, September 2004)
      -“Fuel Permeation from Automotive Systems: E0, E6, E10, E20 AND E85“
 (CRC Project E-65.3, December 2006)
      -“Vehicle Evaporative Emission Mechanisms: A Pilot Study” (CRC E-77, June 2008)
      -“Enhanced Evaporative Emission Vehicles” (CRC E-77-2, March 2010)
      -“Evaporative Emissions from In-Use Vehicles: Test Fleet Expansion” (CRC E-77-2b, June 2010) 
      -“Study to Determine Evaporative Emission Breakdown, Including Permeation Effects and Diurnal Emission”
(CRC E-77-2c,      January 2011)

Exhaust Emissions
      -“Effects of Vapor Pressure, Oxygen Content, and Temperature on Co- Exhaust Emissions” (CRC E74-b, May 2009)

Reports for US-EPA
      -“A New Approach to Modeling On-Road Vehicle Evaporative Emissions” (June 2005)

National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) Papers
      -“Marine Fuel System Hose Permeation Testing: 2nd Progress Report (October 2005)
      -“CARB Marine Non-Integrated ORVR System Concept” (October 2009)

Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Technical Papers
Inspection and Maintenance (I/M)
      - “I/M Effectiveness with Today’s Closed Loop Systems” (871103, May 1987)
      -“The Execution of a Cooperative Industry/Government Exhaust Emission Test Program” (94C016, October 1994)

In-Use Emission Performance
      -“In-Use Emissions with Today’s Closed Loop Systems” (910339, February 1991)

Fuel Weathering
      -“Vehicle Fuel Tank Weathering in Simulated Urban Driving” (870078, February 1987)

Evaporative Emissions
      -“Diurnal Emissions from In-Use Vehicles” (1999-01-1463, May 1999)
      -“Running Loss Emissions from In-Use Vehicles” (1999-01-1464, May 1999)
      -”Real-Time Non-Fuel Background Emissions” (912373, October 1991)
      -“The Development of a Real-Time Evaporative Emission Test” (901110, May 1990)
      -“Evaporative Emissions Under Real-Time Conditions”, (891121, May 1989)

Exhaust Emissions
      -“…Effects of A/C on Emissions and Fuel Economy…” (2003-01-2247, June 2003)

      -“A Treatise on Exhaust Emission Test Variability” (770136, March 1977)