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Harold Haskew& Associates, Inc.

Milford, Michigan

Fuel and Engine Emissions Consulting


Located in Milford, Michigan, 40 miles Northwest of Detroit, Harold Haskew & Associates was established in 1998 as a consultant for the auto industry, specializing in the effect of ethanol on gasoline emissions. Since then, they have expanded to offer assistance to the recreational marine industry, small off-road engine manufacturers and carbon canister designers with fuel and engine emissions.

Harold and the team have published many reports for both government and private companies. They have overseen tests performed in emission labs and reviewed the data and they've designed evaporative emission carbon canisters. Harold himself has testified as an expert witness in the field and he holds 4 USA patents.



Clients have included:

Briggs & Stratton Corporation
California Air Resources Board
Coordinating Research Council (CRC)
MeadWestvaco Corporation
National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA)
Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA)

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